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Post  beiowolf0615 Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:21 pm

Former Wasp Racing, established in season 11.

During the global economic recession, the Wasp experienced some major financing problems and lost most of it's senior staff and crew. With the former owner was pulling out at the end of season 16, the Garuda Airline decided to takeover the team, and the Wasp was reorganized and renamed as Garuda Racing.

We are now fully operational and looking to fight our way into top 100 teams in GPRO.

Season 28 goals:
1. Team position 125 or higher.
(Season 26 at 121st, aiming at 100th by the end of season 27.)
2. Everyone can promote / retain in Amateur or higher group.
(Starting with 1 Pro, 8 Amateur, 1 rookie in S27)
3. Have 10 active members.
(and have everyone stayed together at least for 2 season)

What's Garuda?
Check here:

Team Leader: Max Hsu

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